Technologic High-Flyer


OLB BONDER(Single Span)

Equipment bonding a COF(Chip On Flexible Printed Circuit) manually-supplied on monitor by applying the proper heat and pressure for the process using a vision inspection system after pre-bonding (by using separate equipment) an ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) on a glass panel or film.


TOOL width (Material)0.8, 1.0㎜ (Cemented carbide), 1.5, 2.0㎜ (SUS440C)
Tool length100㎜
Workable temperatureMax.380℃
Applicable CELL SIZEWidth : 15~120㎜ , Length : 10~80㎜
Applicable CELL THICKNESS0.3/0.4/0.55 X 2㎜ or 2.7
LEAD PITCH75㎛ ~ 150㎛
Existence of backup heaterA backup heater must exist.