Technologic High-Flyer


TAB PRESS(Single Span)

A TAB press equipment is to put TAB-IC on a reel into TAB loading position, and install a press mold between SUPER for idle and SUPER for feeding for punching TAB-ICs.

The punched TAB-ICs are collected by an operator at the lower part. A press mold must be exchanged according to the TAB-IC specifications. The exchange of press molds is simple.
A guide roller must be exchanged according to the width of TAB-IC.


Tape width35, 48, 70㎜ Super
Perforation HoleDistance between Super wide and Perforation Hole: 31.82㎜
Perforation Pitch4.75㎜
Thickness of TAB tape25, 38, 75, 125㎛ (Polymide)