Technologic High-Flyer



- Window Stage: Possible to exchange the jigs by model, to adjust the descending height of Z-axis, to adjust the pressure<br>- LCM Stage: Possible to exchange the jigs by model

After the input to Stage Window, it is turned around to the state of vacuum suction. After the input of LCM to the standby LCM stage, and cleaning, it moves to a bonding position in a state of vacuum suction, descends to the Window Stage, and, after bonding, ascends. This equipment is for visual inspection and unloading the products.


ProjectTouch Sensor Attach
Production lead timeWithin 2 months after placing an order
Equipment Size1,000(W) X 1,050(L) X 1,800(H)
Applicable material sizeWindow : Max 32inch (300㎜ X 600㎜), LCM : MAX 21, Sinch
Material input methodManual
Tact TimeAbout 12 secs (Automatic operation area)
Working height1,050㎜
Retransfer accuracy± 100㎛