Technologic High-Flyer


D SUB LAMI Input Automation

This equipment plays a role of supplying the panels delivered in a tray and the OCAs delivered in a magazine to the main working stage after vision inspection.


Production lead timeWithin 45 days after placing an order(To be installed at the place designated by customer)
Equipment Size2,350㎜ X 1,200㎜ X 1,800㎜
Equipment Weight1,300㎏
Corresponding Material Size 4~7inch (Panel : Max, 150㎜ X 80㎜, OCA : Max, 170㎜ X 100㎜)
AGV Pass Line450㎜ from the floor
Work Pass Line900㎜ from the floor
Tact Time20sec/Panel
Logistics Carrier Accuracy±500㎛
Material transfer1 Sheet
Upper controllerPLC
equipment color EX8816 (IVORY)
Air UtilityDry Air, supply pressure: 0.6Mpa, access diameter : 1/2inch, usage q'ty : 2
Power3 phase AC208V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 30KVA
Tower Lamp3 stage tower lamp (Red, green, blue)
Automatic tray supply30 stage loading/unloading (30 stage supply available in case of the tray with less than 5 stage tray)